الخميس، يونيو 01، 2006

why i abandon people ?

a friend once told me that I fear people. The fact is that I can't comprehend the social rules that we should follow in our behavior with others. And I find it easier to understand a mathematical formula than understanding a relation between two persons, not to mention the whole society !in math we begin with 1+1=2 (one plus one is two) but it's never the same in our real life. It could be zero and it may be more than two, and even much more in big families :)and another point that traditions force us to hide most of our feelings towards others and only show these feelings that others want to see, which I hate too much.
I think it would be easier for all of us if we make love our law and forgiveness as attitude. You might think of this as a call to world piece but it's just about daily actions and behavior. Maybe then I can join in social actions and be an active one too.
My friend may still be right and I'm just afraid of people ! sorry for bothering you with this thought.

Mohamed Salah
LLL: Long Live Linux .
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